Impulse Shade System

The all-in-one RV roller shade and valance window covering patent pending design. The Impulse System is fully-assembled and fabric-wrapped right out of the box, providing a two-minute installation — far faster and easier than any previous shade.

No headrail design
The unibody construction eliminates the need for a headrail, providing a lightweight, yet strong design with built-in valence.
Optional SoftGlow™ Lighting
Internal LED SoftGlow™ lighting provides a gentle glow to provide the perfect evening ambiance or built-in nightlight.
Slimmer, space-efficient design
The Impulse Shade System easily installs into tight spaces — a perfect fit for bunks and bedrooms.
Industry first updatable valance
Incorporating consumer-friendly spline fasteners, valance fabric can easily be updated or replaced to provide a fresh new look.

To purchase please contact your local RV Dealer.

Step 1: Check package contents.

  • Missing Part? Damage? Please call 877-262-0954

Step 2: Prepare Shade for Installation

  • Remove the right and left end caps by carefully pulling them off the steel end brackets.

Step 3: Install the Shade

  • Important: To ensure the fabric rolls down evenly, it is critical that the brackets be level.
    Center the Impulse shade over the window to determine the location where the shade brackets will be attached over the window and mark where the screws go with a pencil. Drill a hole at each pencil mark with a ¼” drill bit and install two fully threaded #8 wood screws in the right end bracket and two fully threaded #8 wood screws in the left bracket. If there is no solid material behind the wall board, insert the supplied plastic anchors and then use the supplied screws to mount the shade.
    Do not install the end caps at this time.

Step 4: Adjust the Spring Tnesion

  • The spring tension should be properly set so as to rewind the fabric gently back to the fully rolled up position. Too tightly tensioned may cause damage to the fabric.
    To increase the Spring Tension use a flat head screw driver (not supplied) and turn the tension adjustment screw on the left side of the shade clockwise until the desired tension is reached. Turn the screw counterclockwise to decrease the tension. If there are two shades in the Impulse Platform, you must adjust the tension on each one.

Step 5: Adjust the Position of the Shade

  • Adjust the position, if too high or too low, by using a flat head screwdriver (not supplied) by turning the position adjustment screw on the right side of the shade until the desired position of the hembar is reached. If there are two shades on the Impulse platform, you must adjust the position on each one.

Step 6: Replace the End Caps

Roller Shades can be easily cared for by simply using soapy water or a mild cleaning solution on spots. However try a small area first. Harsh household cleaners or detergents may cause damage to fabric or loss of color. It is our recommendation to dust the rails and fabrics of the shades on a regular basis.

Impulse Roller Shade System

Many Roller Shade problems can be fixed in the field.  The first step should always be to call our United Shade Technical Support Team (574-262-0954).

  • If the problem cannot be fixed via telephone or email support and the product needs to be returned, you must get a Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA).  Your United Shade Technical Support Member will allocate RGA and shipping instructions will be provided.  For local OEM’s ~ United Shade Support Member may send a Company Representative on site to review claim for approval.
  • Roller Shade products are repaired and returned to the owner (be careful to return product in a condition in which you want it to be re-install).
  • Once an RGA number has been assigned, please have items ready for pickup.  All returns must be contained in the same type of condition that it was delivered in order to be eligible for full warranty.  Package the shade in the closed (up) position.  If motor/spring prevents the shade from going to the up position, please roll the fabric up and secure with shrink wrap. Do not use adhesive tape to wrap up the shade.  Shipping boxes must be secured with ‘V-Board’ to reinforce box corners.
  • United Shade has the right to refuse any return sent without an RGA. If product defect differs from original defect description, customer could be subject to additional shipping & handling charges.
  • Any damage due to improper installation, misuse or negligence will not be warranted.
  • WARRANTY ON ALL ROLLER SHADES IS REPLACEMENT OF SHADE.  Labor and freight reimbursement will be field determined after repair assessment is made.

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