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Factory Friendly
United Shade provides specialized support for RV manufactures to ensure your line keeps running, and your customers and end-users are happy with their product. Our shade technicians work with you every step of the way for measuring, ordering and installing in a way that best suits your production process. Among other things, this means:

  • Cycle Counts. United Shade will visit your facilities and physically count your shade inventory to prevent stock-outs and shut-downs.
  • We’re at your service 24/7. United Shade will deliver window treatments and materials on weekends and holidays – whatever it takes to keep your facility working.
  • We’ll help train your employees on shade installations.
  • Engineering help. Your production engineer has an idea or a problem? We’ve got the expertise to help you sort it out, and make a cool idea come to life.

Making business easy
We’re here to be your SOLUTIONS company, whether it is expediting orders or finding just the right product for a breakthrough floorplan. We have the broadest selection of shade systems and fabrics in the RV industry, enabling you to work with a wide variety décor and designs through a single contact. And, if you see something you like that we don’t have, we’ll go out and find it for you or, if need be, we’ll make it ourselves!

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