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Will United Shade allow customer's to return product?

All products are custom-made and cannot be returned for credit. Replacement shades will be provided for factory errors.

What is the difference between an Inside Mount, Outside Mount and Exact Size?

The difference is simply in the mounting and measuring of your shade or blind. Inside Mount: inside the window frame. Measure the exact opening (inside frame from left to right). Exact Size: measure the area you want covered. If order is inside mount, United Shade will take 1/4″ off width to ensure proper fit into window frame. Outside mount adds 1/2″ overall to shade width due to end caps. Exact = exact measurement with end caps.

What is the difference between a Day/Night Shade and a Night Only Shade?

Day/Night Shades are two shades in one. A translucent Day fabric allows most light through while obscuring the view, like a view through a frosted window. Within the same shade, an opaque Night fabric fully obscures the view through the window for nighttime privacy. Three stages of options: fully up, no-shades position, day fabric down position or night fabric down position. Night Only Shades offer just the night fabric component. Two stages of options: fully up, no-shade position or night fabric down position.

What is the Blackout Liner option?

Although our standard night fabrics reduce incoming light, they aren’t designed for room darkening to block neighbor’s lights, street lamps or the rising sun. By adding the Blackout Liner to your shades, it will block 90% of the sunlight. Blackout Liner only comes up to 72″ wide. If you Shade is wider than 72″, we will have to center the Blackout Liner.
**Please note: Harvest and Stone have the blackout laminated on the fabric as a standard feature. There is no additional charge.

What is the difference between the E-Z Lift (RV style) and Cord Lock (residential style) systems?

E-Z Lift Style: Cords are permanently attached to bottom corners of windows that reduce noises from shades/blinds banging against the wall during transportation. Shade/blind will easily lift up and down.
Cord Lock Style: Like shades in homes, free-hanging cords are pulled to raise shade, then released at an angle to lock in position.

What is the difference between Day fabric and Night fabric?

Day Fabrics = light woven fabric for sun filtering, like the view through a frosted window. (Deco only) Night Fabrics = heavier woven fabric for added opacity, to fully block viewing through window.

How do you clean the Shades? *See 1st Aid Products/Spray N Brush

Use dry foam cleaner or vacuum with an upholstery brush. No dry cleaning or soap/water because of the Fire Retardant guard and the pleats.

Can you see through the Night fabrics?

No, but you may be able to see some shadows. For complete blackout, you may order a Blackout Liner (optional). Must specify when ordering.

How wide are the fabrics?

Most fabrics only come up to 72″ wide. If your Shade is wider than 72″, it will be pieced together in two panels. **please note: we must have customer’s approval noted on order that the piecing of the fabric is acceptable.

Can United Shade ship to a PO Box?

No. All products get shipped via UPS or FedEx. We must have a street shipping address.