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Day/Night Roller Shades

To purchase please contact your local RV Dealer.

Day/Night shades give you the best of both worlds, actually two shades in one. A night fabric comes all the way down for privacy, or, it can be moved all the way to the top exposing a full-length day shade. Either one can be set in any position for maximum flexibility. Day/Night shades are very popular in a variety of applications including residential, recreational, commercial and marine. They also allow for various decor opportunities as the two different fabrics can be different colors and hues if desired. Day/Night Roller Shades now come with motorization with either switch or remote control, including a remote that allows you to control any number of shades together — talk about easy living!

Motorized: Shade can be operated by switch or by remote control, either for a single shade or multiple shades.

Manual: Slow-Up mechanism automatically reduces roll up speed and eliminates “flapping.”


  • Blackout materials and a variety of styles, colors and fabrics. Custom sizes made to order.
  • SilentGlidesystem with a heat-sealed enclosed aluminum hembar to ensure no “clanging” while driving an RV.
  • SilentGlidesystem features integrated tension and upper limit adjustments for worry-free installation.
  • Double, side-by-side or slider styles.
  • Slider option completely covers tough-shaped driver and passenger windows.
  • Double and side-by-side shades feature multiple bracketing options.
  • The manual Slow-Up mechanism eliminates “flapping.”
  • Motorized option is built for years of hands-free use.
  • Motorized control by switch, or by single or multi-shade remotes.
  • Top/Bottom Tube or Side-by-Side styles.

We Take It Slow

Our Slow-Up mechanism uses a spring-loaded braking mechanism to reduce rewind speed and “flapping” at the top of the window. The shade’s momentum is captured by the brake, slowing but not stopping the shade rewind. No sudden surprises here!

Part NumberDescriptionPriceUnitQuantity
562162 Acorn Teardrop End Cap - Minimum order quantity 6 $0.20Each
562163 Black Teardrop End Cap - Minumum order quantity 6 $0.20Each
871170 Double - side by sideCall For PriceLength In Feet
871189 External Acorn TeardropCall For PriceLength In Feet -
871175 External Black TeardropCall For PriceLength In Feet -
871166 External Bronze TeardropCall For PriceLength In Feet -
520010 Internal, Aluminum, 1" Flat BarCall For PriceLength In Feet -
520024 Internal, Aluminum, 3/8" Round BarCall For PriceLength In Feet -
871169 Single or Double - Top/BottomCall For PriceLength In Feet
560075 Top Mount - small head rail (side by side) - Minimum order quantity 2 $3.50Each
560035 Top Mount - standard head rail top/bottom (single motorized) - Minimum order quantity 2 $3.50Each

United Shade and Dicor Corporation focus on the people and companies that use our products. This includes products, support and services that help improve the production process:

Roller shades are easy to custom order. Our shade technicians work with you every step of the way in measuring, ordering and installing in a way that best suits your production process.

For Programming Motorized Shades with 12-Volt Switched Motor click on the link directly below.

/images/shared/uploads/files/US-55 PowerRollerShades Install_10.pdf


For Programming Motorized Shades with 12-Volt Dual Switched Motor click on the link directly below.

/images/shared/uploads/files/US-82 LearningWireProgramming_12[2].pdf


ROLLER SHADES:  Slow up and Motorized



Many Roller Shade problems can be fixed in the field.  The first step should always be to call our United Shade Technical Support Team (574-262-0954).

  • If the problem cannot be fixed via telephone or email support and the product needs to be returned, you must get a Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA).  Your United Shade Technical Support Member will allocate RGA and shipping instructions will be provided.  For local OEM’s ~ United Shade Support Member may send a Company Representative on site to review claim for approval.
  • Roller Shade products are repaired and returned to the owner (be careful to return product in a condition in which you want it to be re-install).
  • Once an RGA number has been assigned, please have items ready for pickup.  All returns must be contained in the same type of condition that it was delivered in order to be eligible for full warranty.  Package the shade in the closed (up) position.  If motor/spring prevents the shade from going to the up position, please roll the fabric up and secure with shrink wrap. Do not use adhesive tape to wrap up the shade.  Shipping boxes must be secured with ‘V-Board’ to reinforce box corners.
  • United Shade has the right to refuse any return sent without an RGA. If product defect differs from original defect description, customer could be subject to additional shipping & handling charges.
  • Any damage due to improper installation, misuse or negligence will not be warranted.
  • WARRANTY ON ALL ROLLER SHADES IS REPLACEMENT OF SHADE.  Labor and freight reimbursement will be field determined after repair assessment is made.
Style Choices Stacked Tube Side By Side
Lift Choices Motorized


Remote Control Yes
Bottom Rail Choices

Internal Hem Bar
External Hem Bar

Internal Hem Bar
External Hem Bar
Blackout Option No No
Header Rail Options N/A Side By Side
Length Range X X
Width Range X X

NOTE : On Slow Up (manual) roller shades, the fabric width is 1-1/4” less than the overall bracket-to-bracket width due to tension/position devices. On motorized roller shades, the fabric width is 1” less than the overall bracket-to-bracket width due to the motor control.

The first step to creating beautiful custom window treatments is recording accurate measurements.

*Record all measurements in inches and fractions of an inch, to the nearest 1/8”.

*Record measurements clearly and completely. Check and record all necessary information while on the job site. Do not rely on memory for details concerning measurements, obstructions such as handles, irregular trim, locks or out of square windows.

Step 1: Determine if shade will be mounted inside widow opening (inside mount) or outside window opening (outside mount) Refer to illustration below.
Step 2:

Recording your measurements. When recording your measurements you will always list the width measurement (side to side) first then the length measurement. (top to bottom) (Example for a 24” wide by 36” length shade would look like this: 24” x 36”) Recording your measurements correctly is a critical component in the ordering process, if the measurements are not in the correct sequence the shade will not be built correctly.

Step 3:

Measuring for inside mount shades.

  • Measure the width dimension first (Figure A on illustration)
  • Measure the length dimension next (Figure B on illustration)
  • Record both dimensions, Width first then length (Width x Length)
  • Deductions for Inside Mount shades will include 1/8” to allow for end brackets and an additional 1 - 3/8” for Shade and tube widths for a total of 1 - 1/2” less than ordered width. (Your window covering or fabric will be 3/4 “ less on both ends)
Step 4:

Measuring for outside mount shades

  • Measure width dimension first (Figure C on illustration)
    Note: Add 1-1/2” to your width dimension to allow mounting brackets to clear window frame and give enough fabric width to cover opening.
  • Measure the length dimension next (Figure D on illustration)
    Note: If shade is going to sit above window be sure to include this in your length measurement.
  • Record both dimensions, Width first then length (Width x Length)• No end bracket deductions will be taken for Outside Mount shades.  A 1 - 3/8” deduction will be taken for shade and tube widths. (Your window covering or fabric will be 11/16 “  less on both ends)






















United Shade will manufacture your window covering based on the measurements provided and as described in the above mounting applications.

For installation and operation instructions of a Manual Roller Shade in a pdf format, please click on the link below.

/images/shared/uploads/files/US-53 ManRollerShades_DBLE 08.pdf

Night Fabrics








Duplex Gray

Duplex Linen


Day Fabrics


Alabaster   Black                        


SmartWeave Fabrics

1% Alabaster   1% Bone White   1% Gray   3%
  3% Alabaster   3%
  3% Bone White    
5% Alabaster   5%
Bone White


Roller Shades can be easily cared for by simply using soapy water or a mild cleaning solution on spots. However try a small area first. Harsh household cleaners or detergents may cause damage to fabric or loss of color. It is our recommendation to dust the rails and fabrics of the shades on a regular basis.

What is the difference between Day fabric and Night fabric?
Day Fabrics = light woven fabric for sun filtering. (Deco only)
Night Fabrics = heavy woven fabric for sun blocking.

Can you see through the Night fabrics?
No, but you may be able to see shadows. For complete blockout, you may order a blockout liner (optional). Must specify were ordering. This option is addition to standard price.