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Pleated Shade Restring Kit - Beige


Don't despair, Repair!

Extend the life of your pleated shades with the United Shade Pleaded Shade First Aid Kit. 

The kit includes hardware and easy-to-follow instructions for repair of two-cord day/night shades; four cord day/night shades and two-cord night shades only. 

Turns squints back into smiles.


RVers often need more than what’s available in most repair kits, and this gives them more options than other kits for the same price. The instructions come in an illustrated format,  flat-head and Phillips screwdrivers and scissors are the only tools needed. It’s just another way we try to help RVers keep their rigs working well and looking good.

The United Shade restring kit is compatible with most shades. However Day/Night Shades that are imported may be constructed in such a way that that restringing is not possible. A simple way to tell if you have an import shade is by examining the rails of the shade. If the rail is made of aluminum you are able to restring the shade. If however, you have a shade with PVC (plastic) rails and an identification label (usually located on the headrail) with a BAU#, please contact a customer service rep at 877-262-0954.

Part NumberDescriptionPriceUnitQuantity
650004 Pleated Shade Restring Kit $22.25

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Weight (lbs.) .30
Depth (in) 1.5
Width (in) 6.25
Height (in) 9.25
Kit Contents

5 - 20 ft Cords
6 - 20 ft Retainers
8 - Cord Bushings
3 - Springs
Easy to follow instructions


Click here for shade re-stringing instructions.

Helpful Tip:  Dip the ends of the cords in "Krazy Glue" and let them dry. This will make it easier to thread the cords through the holes in the pleats. 

Repair up to five shades. Restring Kit includes parts and directions for:

  • Two-cord day/night shades
  • Four-cord day/night shades
  • Two-cord night only shades