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Pleated Doors

To purchase please contact your local RV Dealer.

Our Pleated Folding Doors feature a heavy-duty soil and water resistant 1-5/8" pleated fabric. The custom designed PVC hardware system is color coordinated to match the fabric. Available in a variety of colors to match any decor, its lightweight construction guarantees easy operation. Compact, space-saving design is ideal for room-dividers, closets or privacy partitions in recreational vehicles, marine, residential and commercial applications. Install easily with all necessary hardware included.


  • Custom designed with color-coordinated hardware.
  • Lightweight construction guarantees easy operation.
  • PVC track and mounting hardware are included with order
  • Helps lighten the load for new RVs.
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United Shade and Dicor Corporation focus on the people and companies that use our products. This includes products, support and services that help improve the production process:

Our shade technicians work with you every step of the way in measuring, ordering and installing in a way that best suits your production process.


Custom Aluminum Railed & PVC Railed Pleated Night and D/N Shades,

Pleated Doors, Pleated Windshield Wraps and 1” Aluminum Mini Blinds



Many Shade, Door, Wrap and Blind problems can be fixed in the field.  The first step should always be to call our United Shade Technical Support Team (574-262-0954).

  • If the problem cannot be fixed via telephone or email support and the product needs to be returned, you must get a Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA).  Your United Shade Technical Support Member will allocate RGA and shipping instructions will be provided.
  • Once an RGA number has been assigned, please have items ready for pickup.  All returns must be contained in the same type of condition that it was delivered in order to be eligible for full warranty.  Package the shades and blinds in the closed (up) position with cords secured around the head rail.  Secure the item in the closed position with shrink wrap.   Package doors and wraps in the closed position with shrink wrap.  Do not use adhesive tape to wrap up any of our products.  Shipping boxes must be secured with ‘V-Board’ to reinforce box corners.
  • United Shade has the right to refuse any return sent without an RGA. If product defect differs from original defect description, customer could be subject to additional shipping & handling charges.
  • Any damage due to improper installation, misuse or negligence will not be warranted.
  • WARRANTY ON PLEATED SHADES, DOORS, WRAPS AND MINI BLINDS IS REPLACEMENT OF SHADE.  Labor and freight reimbursement will be field determined after repair assessment is made.
Length Range X
Width Range X


  • Measure width of door opening (left to right measurement)
  • Measure length of door opening (top to bottom measurement)
  • Please note: Make sure you allow for track, carriers and space for the door to move (track and carriers = 1 ½’).  In some cases, your distributor may already take deductions be sure to ask.

Click on the link below for a pdf of the installation instructions.


Ash Gray   Bone   Buff Tan   Cotton   Snow   Suede


  • Doors should be kept inthe closed position when not in use, to maintain pleat retention and minimize dirt and soil build-up.
  • Door fabric can be easily cared for by simply dusting or using a vacuum cleaner attachment. Do not use spot remover, household cleaners or detergents to remove soiled spots, as these may cause damage to fabric or loss of color from fading.

NOTE: If your recreational vehicle must be stored for an extended period of times, doors should be stored in the closed position to maintain pleat retention.

How do you measure for a Pleated Door?

Measure width of door: left to right. Measure lenght/drop of door: top to bottom. **United Shade will deduct 1-1/2" off of the length of the door to allow for the track, unless specified otherwise **