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Pleated Shade Restring Kit - White

Don't despair, Repair!

Extend the life of your pleated shades with the United Shade Pleaded Shade First Aid Kit. 

The kit includes hardware and easy-to-follow instructions for repair of two-cord day/night shades; four cord day/night shades and two-cord night shades only. 

Turns squints back into smiles.



Roll ‘N Go

Roll ‘N Go offers a new, flexible and economical vinyl/screen enclosure solution for the cargo entrance of toy haulers. The Roll ‘N Go is an easy-to-use, heavy-duty, laminated scrim vinyl enclosure that provides easy access and configuration through multiple tent-style zippers. The white vinyl is tear resistant and offers ultraviolet protection. Made to withstand the elements, it features two clear vinyl windows, either or both of which can be unzipped and rolled up to provide ventilation through SmartWeave screens, which block ultraviolet light and glare.